Sexy Harley

 Smoky Mountains Bash III - Part 2

Michigan Bash IV Photos - Part 7

Smoky Mountains Bash III was held in the area around Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. The attendees were Amber Dawn SC3, Charisma SC2, Decadence SC2, Irish Eyez SC4, Jeri Does SC1, Ladyice, Mayi SC3, Peaches SC3, Princess, Sexy Harley,  ShugarNTexas SC1, Siren SC1,Tasmin SC3, and Vivian.

There was lots of action and everything went great.  As always there was a lot of action at this bash, so  be sure and click on each of the attendees names above to see the action as their photographers caught it.  I know that you won't be disappointed. Best of all, there were several new virgin Charms in attendance. Not that kind of virgin - the kind that has never attended a bash before. Check out all of their updates to see how they were initiated into the world of Charm Bashes.

This is the second of four updates in this series.  There will be two more coming.



Michigan Bash IV Photos - Part 7


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