Buddah SC2 & Deauxma SC3


  Florida Bash IV - Part 6

Florida Bash IV was held in July 2006 in Key West, Florida where a very hot time was had by all.  The bash was hosted by BB SC4.  The attendees were Afton SC4, Aim2plz SG, Alaya SC3, Angel SC3, Audrey SC4, Baby Ah, BB SC4, Blue Eyes SG, Bobby O, Buddah SC2, Busty Deelite SC4, Charlie SC3 , Chastity SC2, Chloe SC2, Cory Chase SC2, Courtney, Dahlia SC2, Danielle, Deauxma SC3, Diamond Girl SC1, Filthy Stephie SC2, Ginger Lee Love, Hanna, Heavenly Heather SC4, Ivy SC1, Izzy SC1, Jamie Lynn, Kara SC3, Kitt, Leia SC4, Lily Redd, Lizz, Lusty Liz, Mandy SC4, Natalya SC4, Niana, Peaches, Pocahontas SC2, Porsche, Shugar n Texas SC1, Summer SC3, Tasmin SC3, Tawnybabe, Tiffany, Trini Heat SC4, Trinity SC4, Tyler, and Zoe Zane SC2.

Be sure and visit all of the Charms and Gents sites on their respective Southern Charms web sites by clicking on any of their names above.  There was a lot of hot, hardcore action at this bash which you won't want to miss.  There was loads of solo, masturbation, toy play, girl/girl, girl/guy, girl/guy/girl, threesomes, foursomes, and moresomes.  I know that you will want to see all the action.  Here on Happenings you just get a sampling, but you get to see all the hot updates in all their glory on each of the respective Charms and Gents sites.

A number of the Charms and Gents also spent time on Key West's famous Duval Street.  They gathered quite a following while we were there.  Additionally, some of the Charms and Gents visited nearby islands for some hot action amongst some of the shipwrecks in the area from past storms as well as some of the other scenic areas they visited in and around Key West.  Just check out their antics on their SC sites and you will not be disappointed.The SC videographer was also on hand to record the event in living color.  There will be bash footage from this Florida Bash as well as other previous bashes available on the SC Happenings video page as well as on the individual Charm's and Gents video pages.  Each of the Charms and Gents with video pages will have the links on their respective sites or you can go directly to the Southern Charms Video Site and check out what all the Charms and Gents have to offer.

Check out all of the hot action in this six-part Happenings bonus series.  Enjoy!!!


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