Ashley Dobbs & Addison Lynne 

Ashley Dobbs SC1 and Addison Lynne SC4 were photographed at the first Maryland Bash.  The two of them got together for a very hot girl-on-girl shoot for this Happenings update.  There is plenty of action as they strip and pleasure each other in front of a fountain.

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Ashley Dobbs has 437 updates on her Southern Charms I site. Her updates include solo, masturbation, Girl/Girl, Girls Groups, Feet and everything you love about them, and so much more. Just click on Ashley Dobbs's name anywhere it appears in this article to visited one of the hottest and craziest places in town.  Ashley Dobbs also has 25 videos on her Southern Charms Video Clip Web Site.

Here is what Ashley Dobbs has to say about her site in her own words:

Hi there!!! My name is Ashley Dobbs and I am so glad you have cum to see me. I am 5 foot 1 with HUGE 38 F breasts and have the curves in all the right places! My clit is 3 inches long and is so sensitive to touch! I have a super round bubble butt that looks ohhhh so good from behind!

I just love being an amateur porn model. It turns me on knowing that you are enjoying my naughty dirty side!! I have been online now for over seven years!!! It has been so much fun too. Please take a look at my pictures, join up as a member or get your own personal webcam show!

For those of you who are members, you will see that I do all sorts of photo shoots. I have already done some pretty steamy sets and here is a list of what you will find in my members section of the site! Email me with any requests to or

Girl on Girl, Lots of Different toys (vibrators, dildo's, anal beads-toys, clit pump), Smoking, PVC-Leather and other Fetish items, Fur, Thigh and knee hi BOOTS, Clear heels and boots, 4 to 8 inch spike heels, Pantyhose, thigh and knee hi's, Close-ups, Outside sets, Stripper Outfits, Panty Sets, Satin and Lace


AIM- AshleyDobbs32

MSN- Messenger- AshleyDobbs28

Yahoo- Messenger- AshleyDobbs28

Skype- ashleydobbs

EyeBall Chat- ashleydobbs

Ashley Dobbs SC1 Web Site

You can see all of Ashley Dobbs's videos on the Southern Charms Video Clip Web Site.

Here are the latest stats on Ashley Dobbs's site which are current as of the date of this article.

Hair: Blonde   Guy/Girl Pics: No   Pubic Hair: Trimmed
Eye: Blue   Toys: Yes   Pantyhose Pics: Yes
Age: 26-35   Girl/Girl Pics: No   Feet Fetish Pics: Yes
# of Updates: 437   Breast Cup Size: DD+   Tattos or Piercing: Yes
Panty Size: 6   Vids On SC Videos: 25   MPGs or AVIs: Yes
Marital Status: Single   Body Type: Average   Race: White
Last Updated 05/27/11   Shoe Size 6.5   Smoking: Yes

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Addison Lynne is a lovely lady who graces the pages of Southern Charms IV.  Addison Lynne now has over 226 updates available for your viewing pleasure with loads of photos and some video clips to keep you entertained.  You will get to see Solo Action, Masturbation, Toys, lots of Girl/Girl Action, Girl/Boy Action, 3somes and more on her SC site.  Just click on her name where it appears in this article to visited one of the hottest places in town.

Here is what Addison Lynne has to say about her site in her own words:

Hello there! Welcome to my site on Southern Charms, I'm Addison and I'll be your

First on our tour is the photo area. This is where the fun begins!
I have lots of shoots planned. I can't wait to show you my
extensive costume collection! I'll also be showcasing each of
my fetishes (like shoes!) and attempting a few of yours also....but we'll get to that
in a minute.

Of course this brings us to the Members area. This is the main event!
All the naughty stuff will be here. I have several BONUS 'members only'
sets planned & I'll be adding at least one a month. You
have to be a member to see it click the join button for
more info.

And speaking of requests, don't forget my e-mail link! This is where
you send me all your naughty fantasies, creative shoot ideas and requests. I have
an entire list of fetishes I plan to tackle in my updates so make sure
you send your request in!

Wow! I think that's it. I'm so glad you're here with me!
Buckle up and hold on....this is sure to be a wild ride!

Addison Lynne


Addison Lynne SC4 Web Site

Addison Lynne currently has 11 videos on the SC Videos website.  You can see all of Addison Lynne's videos on the Southern Charms Video Clip Web Site. Here are Addison Lynne's latest stats as of the date of this article:

Hair: Blonde   Guy/Girl Pics:   Pubic Hair: Landing Strip
Eye: Blue   Toys: Yes   Pantyhose Pics: Yes
Age: 36-45   Girl/Girl Pics: Yes   Feet Fetish Pics: Yes
# of Updates: 227   Breast Cup Size: DD+   Tattos or Piercing: Yes
Panty Size: 6   Vids On SC Videos: 11   MPGs or AVIs:
Marital Status: Married   Body Type: Slender   Race: White
Last Updated 05/20/2011   Shoe Size 7   Smoking: Yes



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